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So I was bored the other day at a friends house, and they had this cool set up where they were playing all these old console games on their TV via a computer. I was like wow I use to love mario cart, so asked them about what I could use to run it. They told me about Dolphin, later that day after getting home, I did a quick search online. Found the site and was about to download it then notice it was available for ANDROID!!!  I was like WOW hell yeah! about 2 minutes later I had it downloaded but not a single game to play on it sadly. Then I had to go out on a search for that, not saying I got it from any of those illegal game rom sites like emuparadise or something like that. hmm, yeah I got mine legit I swear! Then after downloading Mario Kart Double Dash, Took like 15minutes, I was up and playing on my phone!!! I love it. 

If any of you want to try this out here is the download link. Scroll down to android

BTW intel based phone will not be able to use this, nor will older phones. 

So really this is like some wild west, Starwars/Firefly meets world of warcraft. If you love movies like Treasure Planet, this kind of reminds me of that in a way.  A lot of fun in this game, Leveling doesn't feel so grindy, where as the cinematics make you feel like your more part of something, then some lonely guy in a universe.

With this game being Free2Play you really can't beat the price, there is almost no reason not to try it out. SO if your a WoW fan, or a Space Scifi geek give it a shot. Here are a couple of videos to help you get more understanding of the game. 

Ok so this isn't the Walking Dead, But man it is close enough. This video made me jump several times while watching it. The coolness of this idea just is wow..... For sure going to try this game out, and as well watch through this guys youtube series. 

Ok so i gathered up some of the videos around youtube up for your viewing pleasures.. Ill list them out in order of my own person favorites. 

Seriously how much cooler can the warcraft community get.


the best cinematics from blizzcon - showing off alot of the new overwatch game. 



and of course news on Blizzards giant mmorpg warcraft..  so here you go, if you are more interested in other games, I am sure there are other sources still out there. so feel free to share what you find!


Lets start out with one of the most amazing guys that also got to play in the MOVIE, Robert Kazinsky!!  SO fucking cool man, loved his role in Second Chance as well. This is one of those guys I feel I could just chill with and would not be any awkwardness and how many of us can relate to his claim about the happiest time of his life. just being fat and playing world of warcraft.

Another super nerdy guy is Chris Kluwe, he is an NFL player ( I dont really watch football ). He has that really cool surfer style look, yet a huge nerd through and through. I bet many girls on here would play a table top game with him any day of the week lol. 

Mila Kunis one of the sexiest girls in movies today, use to be completely addicted to World of Warcraft and compared it to doing drugs. She is one of the most awesome gamer girls you could ever ask for, a total celebrity willing to just go all out there and talk about her gaming.  She is like a fucking unicorn, the prefect babe, what I would have gave to have her in my clan!

There is of course a slew of other famous people that have or still play world of Warcraft. They even made a shrine to Robin Williams, in game when he died. If there is anyone else I left out please feel free to comment it and share with everyone.

So Styx, takes the sneaky parts of games like Assassin's Creed & Hitman and turn it into a full fledged gaming experience. If you enjoyed that aspect, of being in the shadows, not being seen, you will love this game. You play as a short little goblin, that is working his way through city of humans. Trying to get to a "world" tree type deal. You can sneak under tables, climb through roof rafters. Throw sand to put out torches, have a decoy run around to distract. My favorite is poisoning the guards food or drinks. 

Though this game is all about sneaking around, I still can't help the urge to kill every one I see. Maybe I have problems lol. But, I enjoy timing it just right for the kill then hiding the bodies away. I love to just murder everyone on the entire level. Though they give no achievements for that, unlike in hitman. 

All in all, the game is very fun. Though remember to save very very often. There are a few puzzles here and there that get frustrating, just go to your good friend google for help if you get to stuck. Game Link

So swordy appears to be a gladiator style Arena game that you can play short burst matches with friends. I love these types of games really, anything that doesn't take an hour up of my life just to play is amazing in my eyes. Seems the controls a bit awkward to get use to at first, But with a little practice you will be killing in no time at all. I do suggest, trying it with friends. and you will need controllers! So anyone else out there give this game a try? leave a comment and tell everyone what you think. 

So, was glancing around online to see what i could discover as far as playing games in the browser. Since last time I checked was maybe 4 years ago. I saw "crystal saga" and thought of a game from my childhood days. So gave it a shoot, It certainly was nothing like what I had in my mind. Its very colorful, super animated Japanese style game play. You know the games where they do lots of swirling around during attacks. Though this look right away made me want to just close the window, I gave it a 5 minute try. 

Now, 5 minutes usually will tell me if the game is worth playing or not. So whats the verdict?

- Clunky Controls... no wasd, but diable style mouse clicking to move.

- to much on the screen, a bit overwhelming for someone new

- a bit confusing

- a bit boring

I would say its a 4 out of a 10, and it only gets 4 stars cause it does look pretty decent. 

So I just registered for my Collectors Aegis, Hit lvl 1000 last week for my battle pass simply so i can get this item. Not sure what it proves other then I have wasted a bit of cash on an online game. But let my dorkiness shine as I show off my Collectors Aegis to friends when they come over. I am sure they will be overwhelmed by envy. Ill get some photos of it when it arrives later this year on my profile. Anyone else on here playing Dota 2?
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