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Drakensang Online

Aug 8 '16 | By SUNSHINE1d2 | Views: 1114 | Comments: 1

So if you like diablo style point and click games, This is a must try! and for a browser game its amazing!! Though because of chromes recent changes you will have to use something else, like Fire Fox to play in browser. For Chrome users you can download the full game. Though if your like me sitting at the office and want to sneak in some play time, its better in the browser lol. 

It's control and game play will be familiar to anyone that has played games like diablo or torchlight. But its MMO aspect will bring in a whole new depth. 

Where it is a Point and Click game, there are also special moves you can access via keyboard ( or program into your mouse ). The quest system is very simplistic go fetch an item for npc most of the time. Though some quest will get really interesting as the story line progresses. 

I feel this is the best MMORPG your going to find in a browser, It blows my mind how good everything looks and I suggest strongly giving it a try. DrakenSang Online

Aug 8 '16
looks wild for a game you can play in the browser
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