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Crystal Saga

Aug 1 '16 | By Ricky | Views: 818 | Comments: 0
So, was glancing around online to see what i could discover as far as playing games in the browser. Since last time I checked was maybe 4 years ago. I saw "crystal saga" and thought of a game from my childhood days. So gave it a shoot, It certainly was nothing like what I had in my mind. Its very colorful, super animated Japanese style game play. You know the games where they do lots of swirling around during attacks. Though this look right away made me want to just close the window, I gave it a 5 minute try. 

Now, 5 minutes usually will tell me if the game is worth playing or not. So whats the verdict?

- Clunky Controls... no wasd, but diable style mouse clicking to move.

- to much on the screen, a bit overwhelming for someone new

- a bit confusing

- a bit boring

I would say its a 4 out of a 10, and it only gets 4 stars cause it does look pretty decent. 

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