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Famous People and World of Warcraft!

Sep 18 '16 | By Ricky | Views: 727 | Comments: 1
Lets start out with one of the most amazing guys that also got to play in the MOVIE, Robert Kazinsky!!  SO fucking cool man, loved his role in Second Chance as well. This is one of those guys I feel I could just chill with and would not be any awkwardness and how many of us can relate to his claim about the happiest time of his life. just being fat and playing world of warcraft.

Another super nerdy guy is Chris Kluwe, he is an NFL player ( I dont really watch football ). He has that really cool surfer style look, yet a huge nerd through and through. I bet many girls on here would play a table top game with him any day of the week lol. 

Mila Kunis one of the sexiest girls in movies today, use to be completely addicted to World of Warcraft and compared it to doing drugs. She is one of the most awesome gamer girls you could ever ask for, a total celebrity willing to just go all out there and talk about her gaming.  She is like a fucking unicorn, the prefect babe, what I would have gave to have her in my clan!

There is of course a slew of other famous people that have or still play world of Warcraft. They even made a shrine to Robin Williams, in game when he died. If there is anyone else I left out please feel free to comment it and share with everyone.

Sep 30 '16
wow i wish kluwe was in my guild lol...
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