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Scariest Game EVER!!

Aug 17 '16 | By SUNSHINE1d2 | Views: 1292 | Comments: 2
ok so this game Slender: The Arrival just freaked me out! This is by far the scariest game I have every played. 

This game has all the right atmosphere and soundtrack to keep your heart pounding as you explore and hope not to jump out of your skin. Its creepiness level is a 12 out of a 10, scare factor is a 99. You want to freak out your girlfriend have her play this right before bed lol. I know I am glad I decided to play this in the middle of the day! 

here are 2 snippets from reviews on steam & the trailer.

Tags: horror
Aug 17 '16
LOL i think ill try this with my GF!!! lol
Aug 18 '16
I think i wil really get this !! sounds fun
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