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NFL football free online

nflfootballlive18c | Yesterday, 05:47PM
NFL Football NFL Football live https://nflfootball.net/ NFL Football live games NFL Football live stream NFL Football games watch NFL Football watch NFL Football live watch NFL Football live online stream NFL Football watch NFL Games watch NFL Games free watch...

World of Warcraft Meets Starwars? Best scifi MMORPG?

Ricky | Mar 15 '17 | Comments: 1 | Tags: scifi mmorpg, player housing mmorpg, free2play mmorpg
So really this is like some wild west, Starwars/Firefly meets world of warcraft. If you love movies like Treasure Planet, this kind of reminds me of that in a way.  A lot of fun in this game, Leveling doesn't feel so grindy, where as the cinematics make you feel like your more part of something, then some lonely guy in a universe....

Walking Dead Survival Online Multiplayer!?

Ok so this isn't the Walking Dead, But man it is close enough. This video made me jump several times while watching it. The coolness of this idea just is wow..... For sure going to try this game out, and as well watch through this guys youtube series. 

Best of BlizzCon 2016

Ricky | Nov 9 '16 | Tags: blizzcon2016
Ok so i gathered up some of the videos around youtube up for your viewing pleasures.. Ill list them out in order of my own person favorites.  Seriously how much cooler can the warcraft community get. #v#1#v# the best cinematics from blizzcon - showing off alot of the new...

Beam or twitch

nick | Nov 3 '16 | Comments: 1
Quite cool news that Microsoft is looking to build in the new streaming service Beam directly into Win10 and Xbox One so it will just be a click away for anybody to start streaming their games. I have only use twitch to watch other streams as it seems a bit messy to get it up and working but if it is build in from the start I would probably try...

Amazon Developing Games!

wildwhiterose1 | Oct 12 '16
Amazon has a lot of cash, so I think they could develop some very good games. Though money is not everything when it comes to development. One issue I see is they are kind of forcing twitch on people that will be playing their games. Due to them buying Twitch, It is a smart move on a business standpoint. But I feel they might lose a lot...

Famous People and World of Warcraft!

Lets start out with one of the most amazing guys that also got to play in the MOVIE,  Robert Kazinsky !!  SO fucking cool man, loved his role in Second Chance as well. This is one of those guys I feel I could just chill with and would not be any awkwardness and how many of us can relate to his claim about the happiest time of his life....

Scariest Game EVER!!

SUNSHINE1d2 | Aug 17 '16 | Comments: 2 | Tags: horror
ok so this game  Slender: The Arrival  just freaked me out! This is by far the scariest game I have every played.  This game has all the right atmosphere and soundtrack to keep your heart pounding as you explore and hope not to jump out of your skin. Its creepiness level is a 12 out of a 10, scare factor...

Styx Master of Shadows!

Ricky | Aug 16 '16 | Tags: assassin, stealth, sneak
So Styx, takes the sneaky parts of games like Assassin's Creed & Hitman and turn it into a full fledged gaming experience. If you enjoyed that aspect, of being in the shadows, not being seen, you will love this game. You play as a short little goblin, that is working his way through city of humans. Trying to get to a "world" tree type deal....

Blade and Soul! The Best MMORPG of 2016

wildwhiterose1 | Aug 11 '16 | Comments: 1 | Tags: rpg, mmo, mmorpg, asian gaming, anime rpg, sexy girl game
So when you go to a games main site and you see a bunch of anime girls in bikinis you know its a good game right? LMAO, so I love asian gaming, simply because they do not care if some feminist female is upset by their game. Unlike our western culture where ever single fucking thing has to be sooooo politically correct. They can just...
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