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Drakensang Online

SUNSHINE1d2 | Aug 8 '16 | Rate: 4 | Comments: 1 | Tags: diablo alternative, diablo 3, diablo in browser
So if you like diablo style point and click games, This is a must try! and for a browser game its amazing!! Though because of chromes recent changes you will have to use something else, like Fire Fox to play in browser. For Chrome users you can download the full game. Though if your like me sitting at the office and want to sneak in...

Wonder Putt

Marlene93 | Aug 1 '16 | Rate: 3 | Tags: mini golf
Wow, first have to say I love the new site design! and saw others are writing blogs. So, I just had to join in and share with all you guys on something as well! Love it. So WonderPutt is a cool little browser minigolf game. maybe one of the coolest ones I have ever seen. It is truly amazing, and curious if they put this much...

Crystal Saga

Ricky | Aug 1 '16 | Tags: rpg, animated, japan style
So, was glancing around online to see what i could discover as far as playing games in the browser. Since last time I checked was maybe 4 years ago. I saw "crystal saga" and thought of a game from my childhood days. So gave it a shoot, It certainly was nothing like what I had in my mind. Its very colorful, super animated Japanese style game...

Worlds Biggest Pacman?

6hagha6 | Aug 1 '16 | Comments: 1 | Tags: retro game, pacman
Pacman has been bringing us fun for over 30 yrs now! To celebrate his 30th birthday they gave us "Worlds Biggest Pacman". where you can not only play almost an infinite map, where instead of the classic way where the side doors loop you around, they open up a new maze. But you can help make the game larger by making your own maze!!!! How...
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